If you’ve used your full ISA allowance or are setting up new innovative finance, this could be the perfect solution for you. Increase your investment limits and potentially save more with all the tax benefits of an ISA (up to £20,000) through the Fluid ISA. You can purchase Fluid Bonds and enjoy the benefits of a Fluid Bond wrapped in an ISA while potentially maximising your returns by investing above the £20,000 threshold outside of the ISA.

Benefits of the Fluid Direct Investment Bond & ISA Wrap

  • The same benefits as any other Fluid ISA product, an asset-backed** Bond and Monthly Investment
  • Invest more, even if you’ve used up your IFISA allowance for the current financial year
  • Initial £20,000 investment will be held in a tax-free* ISA
  • Fantastic customer support to guide you along the way and keep you updated on your investments

Getting started

  • Open a Fluid Direct Investment account today with an initial £10,000 investment
  • Direct investments will be subject to income and or gains which will need to be declared on your tax return

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What am I investing in?

    You are buying into a bond, issued by Fluid ISA Bond 1 Limited.

  • Can I make additional investments on a monthly basis?

    Yes! You can invest monthly with each investment treated as a separate bond.

  • Is the initial £20,000 investment through the Fluid ISA tax-free*?

    Yes, as an IF ISA, the initial £20,000 investment is treated like any other ISA held with a bank for tax purposes, and as such is not subject to tax. Please note that your £20,000 allowance is an annual limit and is shared between all ISAs you hold.

  • How long is the investment term?

    The bond is held for a 3-year term.

  • Can I access my investment if I change my mind?

    All investments in the Fluid Bond are subject to a 14-day cooling-off period. After this time you will not be able to access your funds until the end of the term (apart from in extreme circumstances)

  • How often do I receive interest on my initial investments?

    Interest payments are paid out quarterly.

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*Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each investor and may be subject to change in future.

**The fact that the bond is asset-backed would not guarantee that all capital would be repaid. This also means that there is a liquidity risk and there is likely to be a delay in repaying your capital should you request it.